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but in a commercial context

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Food for thoughts, some reading materials about blogs, P2P companies, …
In the beautiful headmap

broken new york

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BNY: will it be fixed anytime soon?
doorman: no…


le son du jour

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une idée comme on voudrait l’avoir eue avant tout le monde:


czech this out

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granted my title is very very bad, but try it anyway:



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well, i had to ask….
after seeing the word and concept discussed at great length
on discussion lists like microsound or empyre, i finally had
to ask what “droplifting” meant

the answer is here:

Gaseous guinea pigs

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The New Scientist website these days is full of wonder. Learn everything about new gaseous life forms that can replicate and communicate. And discover the Buffalo sized guinea pigs. They would be a tremendous star for a prehistoric movie (there is a picture).

pleasure of defacing advertisement

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From kuildoosh.com

Bionic Ear Blog

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“Bionic Ear Blog
With apologies to Jamie Sommers. Adventures of a woman gaining a new and improved ear. ”


The diary of a woman having a cochlear implant to improve her deficient hearing.
Really moving.
The diary deals with a lot of issues and feelings: scientifical approach, day-to-day meditation, insights on the health care system, and the slow learning process to understand words without lipreading…

Just another link to a post where she explains the artificality of linking sounds and words



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A very nice piece of software. I almost wish i had one of those animals just to try it.

The velintriolquist and the unemployment counsoler

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Filmnerd is a very nice blog about the Toronto film festival. The sad news is they promised “not to post anymore from public terminals that have non-standard keyboards when (they) only have 10 minutes worth of change” like they did in their best entry so far. Go and read them though.