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Hamster midi control

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Wendy sent me this incredible link about a hamster controlled midi sequencer. You can listen to it too (wav and mp3).

stitch wall

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Stitch and Split poster on a Barcelona wall.

Colder War

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“Once, when Roger was a young boy, his father took him to an open day at Nellis AFB, out in the California desert. Sunlight glared brilliantly from the polished silverplate flanks of the big bombers, sitting in their concrete-lined dispersal bays behind barriers and blinking radiation monitors. The brightly coloured streamers flying from their pitot tubes lent them a strange, almost festive appearance. But they were sleeping nightmares: once awakened, nobody — except the flight crew — could come within a mile of the nuclear-powered bombers and live.”

Read Charlie Stross on line.

Fashion advice

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A little bit of engrish poetry from the japanese online shop metamorphose (equipping the gothic lolita chan all over the world) :

” The other good reason to wear drawers is
worm in winter.
Wearing skirt in winter is a little bit cold.
So wear drawers to get worm!!”

SF vocabulary history

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Some days ago I stumbled upon this through slashdot. It’s a project by the Oxford English Dictionary, a collaboration with sf fans to find the earliest appearances of specific science fiction terms. The list in itself is already quite beautiful. Here’s a short part of their intro :

“This page is a pilot effort for the Oxford English Dictionary, in which the words associated with a special field of interest are collected so that knowledgeable aficionados can help the OED find useful examples of these words. This, our first project, is science fiction literature.

The OED aims to include all words that are frequently used in any field, and attempts to find the earliest example of every sense of every word it includes. For SF the OED needs earlier examples of terms it already includes, early examples of terms that have been slated for future inclusion, and any examples of terms that have not yet caught the editors’ attention but are common in SF. Words used infrequently, words associated chiefly with a single author, or words so specialized that they are found only in a single subgenre, are not high priorities for inclusion. “

A visit to the museum

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They’re launching a new series. Good time for a visit to that nice virtual museum.

Dumb Card

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I have to admit that I enjoyed a lot of Orson Scott Card’s books. But I think it’s over. I’m going to find it difficult to open another one. The last two essays he published on his website are just really too absurd and stupid.

In the last one, he writes about Mel Gibson’s “Passion”, a film that he finds to be perfect. With some nice parts, like this one : ” The most obvious such fictionalization is the way the film depicts Satan. I was astonished, after the fact, to find that Satan was played by a woman, Rosalinda Celentano. But the way Satan is presented, his face a mockery of tenderness and concern, surrounded by images of maggots, serpents, decay, deformity, I could not imagine a better depiction.” Safe assumption, operative words here are “Satan played by a woman, could not imagine a better depiction”. You can read the rest there.

Last week, it was about homosexual marriage, and it was even worse : “The dark secret of homosexual society — the one that dares not speak its name — is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally. It’s that desire for normality, that discontent with perpetual adolescent sexuality, that is at least partly behind this hunger for homosexual “marriage.” ”

game over. no more Card.