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hotel hotel

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if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, spend some time in the HOTEL

region unlocking and “piracy”

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Very interesting (french) article about the region locking of game consoles, and the artificial confusion between different things : unlocking the machines to play games from other regions and/or to play pirate copies, and some worrying trends in the Australian and German courts under Sony (and other’s) pressure.

Should be Copy C?

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I quote: “We – monochrom and comrade Cory Doctorow – would like to ask you to perform an act of civil disobedience.

Please bring a digital camera next time you go to the movies, take a picture of the piracy-warning before the movie starts and use the flashlight. Don’t go for quality taking the picture, it’s secondary. Please jot down time, place and the title of the movie. And thanks!”

Go, take pictures and upload (and spread)!

(courtesy Boing Boing – do they ever sleep?)