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hotel hotel

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if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, spend some time in the HOTEL

humanoides associés

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speaking of humanoid robots, i can only recommend
this article, and the video footage linked to it

broken new york

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BNY: will it be fixed anytime soon?
doorman: no…


le son du jour

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une idée comme on voudrait l’avoir eue avant tout le monde:


czech this out

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granted my title is very very bad, but try it anyway:



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well, i had to ask….
after seeing the word and concept discussed at great length
on discussion lists like microsound or empyre, i finally had
to ask what “droplifting” meant

the answer is here:

3 Silverberg novels in one shot..

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After reading 3 short novels in a row by Robert Silverberg, i was amazed by the contemporaneity of the themes he developed in 1971 and 1972. Granted, the style and technology is typical of the seventies’s science fiction litterature, but otherwise, those 3 novels have something definitely pregnant, if you are interested in themes as the definition of the personality, of otherness, or in the construction of self through language’s performativity.
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robert a.metzger’s ” picoverse ” is advertised as a “mind-boggling hard-science SF novel”.
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altered carbon

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In Richard Morgan’s new ( and first, by the way ) book ” altered carbon”, people can,….
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