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Waiting for Mind Hacks

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Very very soon, I hope, this book Mind Hacks, Tips and Tools for using your brain, by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb will be tumbling through the letterbox.
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Good Lord…

Category: Sounds

I don’t know exactly how this is working, I should find out more, but I have found these little gems, all bits of music that are in the public domain. The public domain for U is a collection of old blues and gospel music, which is no longer bound by copyright.
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Category: Sounds

I recently got a tip for another sound database, this one has a creative commons license on all the up-and downloads:


It seems to be a project of a University in Barcelona and some dutch people
(I saw it in the names ūüėČ
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Just browsing away a little…
Before digging into reality…

I came upon some lovely webcomics. First of all a webpage entitled Best webcomics of 2004.

From there on, I picked out Copper. Lovely!!

From then on I went to a recommendation by the artist that makes Copper: Vera Brosgol and her website

All that, with some sunshine on my hands while I am typing…
(the whole comics idea started with Marjane Satrapi, the Iranian artist who won the prize of the best album of the year, in Angoul√ɬ™me…).


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I was reading the Standaard blog, and from then on I tumbled on this one, Blogium.


I really like the maps, this one is of bloggers in Brussels…

Like little squares they light up in the urban landscape – rain does make me poetic…

Arty cat

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Just browsing away, on a Sunday evening, and I found this site, which featured an interview with a cat.
Why Broodthaers, because I saw one of his works this weekend, and just the fact that he makes me laugh out loud. Thanks Brussels, also the friendly inhabitants, for giving me the French to understand…

On ubuweb there are a lot more arrrrrrty soundfiles.

Get your war on

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Today I got an excellent tip from Pieter Van B. where you can see a comic with “standard” figures commenting about… war, politics and economics!

Check it out by clicking on the red words underneath the pink kung fu thingy!!

Thanks P!


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For a while now I have been following the blog misbehaving.

I copy paste: misbehaving.net is a weblog about women and technology. It’s a celebration of women’s contributions to computing; a place to spotlight women’s contributions as well point out new opportunities and challenges for women in the computing field.

Just putting this on the weblog, as it could be interesting for certain people, that is, if and when they don’t know this blog already….

And then, just because I sure “like pretty pictures”, v(^o^), I did a google “images” with as entry: “women and technology”.
(google images sometimes is extremely funny and bizarre, funny to see how the search engine system works)

These were my favourites (out of 20 pages of thumbnails):



And there is always some extremely absurd search results: This one wins!

Women and bizaaromundo pants!!!


fashion police?

Come save me from these pants….
( (+_+) )

Interview of the future

Category: science/fiction

Six sci fi writers were interwiewed about the future: here you can read their views.

(courtesy them again)


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In front of the office they are doing some extraordinary constructions. Onle one wall is still standing, and they are injecting concrete, over the wall – they have even moved a crane over the wall.

N wanted to take some pictures, but I beat him to it…

They resemble insect legs, spiders making their concrete web…







And then all of a sudden, the sun came out and shedded a divine light (-_^).
For this picture, the frame is not correct, but in a way that does not disturb…


For this one, the camera even made a mistake.
Camera’s make mistakes too.