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In front of the office they are doing some extraordinary constructions. Onle one wall is still standing, and they are injecting concrete, over the wall – they have even moved a crane over the wall.

N wanted to take some pictures, but I beat him to it…

They resemble insect legs, spiders making their concrete web…







And then all of a sudden, the sun came out and shedded a divine light (-_^).
For this picture, the frame is not correct, but in a way that does not disturb…


For this one, the camera even made a mistake.
Camera’s make mistakes too.

Silly Silly Silly

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The Matrix Ping pong…

Very well done!
Now, the problem will be format, I have found this in:

wmv – No, it doesn’t get any better 🙁
asx not really working on my machine..

But, try to check it out!

If you want to have a laugh somewhere during the day…

We don’t play guitar..

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Today, somebody I know and appreciate dearly is going to buy this guitar:


Perhaps I will have to learn some chords to…

OK, merchandising is not my thing, but this site is quite cool!

Common music : Automatous monk

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“Automatous Monk is an algorithmic music composition program that uses cellular automata to generate musical pieces.” It is written in Java and you can find it on sourceforge somewhere. You can also simply enjoy its compositions by downloading creative commons licensed soundfiles from the Automatous monk personal website.
“Monk has just finished composing his first punk rock/hard bop work, The Well-Tempered Cellular Automaton, consisting of preludes and fugues in all 24 major and minor keys.
Automatous Monk considers this to be his best work yet. He describes it as being, “about 9/10 hard bop, and 1/10 80s hard-core; maybe ‘insistent’ would be the best word for this new record. Or, ‘relentless’, maybe”.”