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The Fuzz

Category: Sounds

Plundermaniac Chenard Walcker recently added this 1994 recording to the archive.org collection, adding an unknown piece in the history of the wild sampling :
“Two American from the east coast found their drummer in the eastern suburb of London after having auditioned 7000 of them. They worked 9 months on of the 3 titles of this ep, which was released in limited edition in 1994.
The result is FABULOUS ! Absolutely !
The band explained in the sleeve why they refused to pay royalties for using samples. They encouraged artists to follow their policy. They had no success, neither with the music nor with the Free Sample movement. Too bad…
So i’ve decided to share the furious grooves of this EP. I own the number 0286. Those who have other numbers please let a message. Yeah ! Peace.
-Chenard Walcker-”
UPDATE : archive decided to take it down as the copyright status of it wasn’t so clear and Chenard couldn’r reach the musicians. So now it’s there.

On the positive side

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“Lesbian couples raise well-adjusted teenagers ” says a new study. Not that we had any doubt about it.
New Scientist article

In the other positive writings of the day, nice interview with Wilco on Wired news about why music is not a pair of shoes. In other words, downloading is good, watermarking is not. Is there a relation between quality of music and position about the download question? (remember Metallica vs their fans…)
wired interview

Racing tape recorders

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What to do with old tape recorders : the proposition here is to transform it into a fast racer, win the race and enjoy the glory.
I should maybe try something like that with that enormous Studer reel-to-reel that has been sitting in my living room for years. I think it’s big and powerful enough to use as a mean of transportation for cats or medium sized dogs, if we can solve the power supply problem.
recorder race website

Common radio

Category: Sounds

For the radioswap.net project, I did a little page listing things like netlabels to help people in non-commercial radio stations. Its aim is to provide them with a starting point in a potentially neverending quest for good music under alternative licenses.

Outside those radio stations, other people may find something useful in it so there is the page. Should be updated once in a while.

Common music : Her Highness

Category: Sounds

Among the creative commons licensed tracks that i have been downloading for weeks now, those are really my favourites. Her Highness is filed under grrrl, and cut and paste, and experimental pop and children’s music, and some other categories (we could add zottigheid, and bricolage), and she ranks really high with the album “Broken Music Box”.
All of the above categorizing is true, even the pop aspect of the music, as you find yourself humming and tapping you feet. Blimey, those experimental recordings are really catchy!
It is released by Bird Song, an israeli based netlabel specializing “in creative home recordings”
Download her highness

Arty cat

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Just browsing away, on a Sunday evening, and I found this site, which featured an interview with a cat.
Why Broodthaers, because I saw one of his works this weekend, and just the fact that he makes me laugh out loud. Thanks Brussels, also the friendly inhabitants, for giving me the French to understand…

On ubuweb there are a lot more arrrrrrty soundfiles.

Common music : ideal standard

Category: Sounds

compilation mix with an impossible to resist description :
“Getting older is something strange, one gets more and more obsessed with jazz and chocolate. So this is a trip betwenn electronic free jazz – with some tracks on autoplate, embryo, hazard recordings and comfort stand – and idm.
The whole thing was first broadcasted on RBS in Strasbourg.”
Harrisson lived in Strasbourg and confirms RBS (Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg) is a very good radio (I can’t find their website though).
downloadable from netlabels page of archive.org

arctic melting : getting worse

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Instead of worrying about Ohio, I try to convince myself that there are worse things happening in the world. As it is difficult to conceive, I have to look a little bit.

And find this :
“Global warming in the Arctic is happening now, warns the most comprehensive scientific report to date. The reports concludes that the northern ice cap is warming at twice the global rate and that this will lead to serious consequences for the planet.”

and down the same page :
“The Arctic will lose 50% to 60% of its ice distribution by 2100, according to the average of five climate models run by the scientists. One of the five models predicts that by 2070, the Artic will be so warm it will no longer have any ice in the summer.”

The article notes that the oil industry may find some positive aspects in the situation as it shall be easier to tap the arctic reserves… so it seems they have now one more reason to NOT reduce CO2 emissions.

OK, Ohio now…

link to New Scientist article