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SF vocabulary history

Some days ago I stumbled upon this through slashdot. It’s a project by the Oxford English Dictionary, a collaboration with sf fans to find the earliest appearances of specific science fiction terms. The list in itself is already quite beautiful. Here’s a short part of their intro :

“This page is a pilot effort for the Oxford English Dictionary, in which the words associated with a special field of interest are collected so that knowledgeable aficionados can help the OED find useful examples of these words. This, our first project, is science fiction literature.

The OED aims to include all words that are frequently used in any field, and attempts to find the earliest example of every sense of every word it includes. For SF the OED needs earlier examples of terms it already includes, early examples of terms that have been slated for future inclusion, and any examples of terms that have not yet caught the editors’ attention but are common in SF. Words used infrequently, words associated chiefly with a single author, or words so specialized that they are found only in a single subgenre, are not high priorities for inclusion. “

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