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“A couple of years back, Joseph Chellino (ex-Oval-Teen, Pets or Meat, Paper Airplane Pilots) aka Jonas Crenshaw got it into his head to write a bunch of songs and make a “country” album.
After spending months writing and recording he came up with one of the finest albums of “the genre” and not knowing what to do with the end result (not known for touring), he decided to shelve it. ”

And now, thanks to the netlabel My Mean Magpie, Jonas Crenshaw’s Colossal Failure is available to everybody. Good country music was not really something we were expecting so soon from any creative commoned netlabel. Does anybody know about other good country releases on the net? I would certainly be interested, and this could be good also for those who wouldn’t be caught dead in the country department of their local records shop.

Recommended tracks : Dumb ass heart and Lonesome, crazy, stupid and scared.

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