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X 1999

A nice essay about the Clamp manga X 1999, where Kamui is “the one”. His only choice is to decide if he will trust the oracle or not (!) Here’s a little bit of it :

” The most prominent theme in X is that of a set destiny; as the tagline of the series states, “Their destiny was foreordained” (CLAMP, X 1: 2). Each of the fourteen major characters possess magical or psychic abilities but are powerless to significantly affect the roles they play in the future of humanity. Only one character appears to be offered a choice about his future, the main character, Shirou Kamui. He must choose between joining the Dragons of Heaven or the Dragons of Earth but once he makes his choice the path for the rest of humanity is inexorably decided. This once again reflects the powerlessness of the individual against the monolith of modern society; the other characters are powerless to determine their own futures or to alter their destiny.”

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