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Alien Nine in English

From a review by Dillon Font on animefringe:

“The tale goes as follows:
The turn of the millennium saw Earth’s first contact with an alien species, and fifteen years later, the world seems to have come back to normal. Well… sort of. Now schools, at the very least, are plagued with varying levels of alien infestation. Somehow only vaguely explained in the backstory, these schools are prone to having alien animals hanging around, some of which present a threat to the children attending school.

In order to have life continue on as necessary, the schools enlist three sixth-grade students, one from grade class, to be a part of the Alien Party. This Party involves giving these three students alien symbiotic beings that attach themselves to the heads of the students and, on rollerblades, the three students patrol the school building and deal with any alien outbreaks.”

Read the rest of the review here.

The complete story has already been published in Spain by Ivréa. (but now it’s in English I can even read AND understand it). Should definitely be part of our Barcelona library for Stitch and Split!

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