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Asian migrations

Japanese director Takahisa Zeze evolved from softporn movies to scince fiction small and then bigger budgets (Whip Cream and Moon Child). He now seems to use SF to talk about migrations in Asia (illegal aliens in Japan, marginalized Japanes in Asia)

“In the opening decades of the 21st century, economic collapse in Japan has seen a growth in illegal immigrants into the multi-ethnic city of Maleppa, a fictional society somewhere on the Chinese mainland riddled with organised crime and drug use. Sho (Gackt) is a young Japanese member of a rag-tag crime outfit living on the fringes who operate a drugged pizza scam in order to survive. One day the group are joined by the mysterious Kei (HYDE), a pallid vampiric youth cursed with eternal life.” (from Midnight Eye, go and read it)

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