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the eye

Yesterday I tried to see The Eye, by the Pang brothers, still at the BIFFF. There are two theaters where they show the movies. A small one (the Nova), with uncomfortable seats and a relatively quiet audience. And a big one (the Passage 44). It’s much more comfortable, you could sleep there (in fact, you do, a lot, at the end of the festival) but the audience is verrry noisy, screaming unfunny jokes. Screaming the kind of high-fat-humor remarks some people do at home in front of a tv movie (those people you never want to spend an evening with again in your life).
So that’s where I tried to see The Eye. It seems quiet good and frightening. I left after 40 minutes and it was not because of the film.

One Response to “the eye”

  1. Muriel Says:

    “Unfortunate” seems to be the right word to describe your position: an unwanted spectator in a crowd of lunatics who don’t even care about the film. The problem comes when the film is good; I had more chance than you – neither “Phone” nor “The grugde” were worth seeing and it encouraged the public to be more annoying than ever (I remember a happy time when the shouting seemed to be limited to more or less 15 minutes…). Je compatis donc.