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volcano high

Second Korean film seen this year at the BIFFF. Brainless fun, with really nice and very plastic action scenes, and the most incredibles haircuts seen on screens since John Waters’ Hairspray (the photograph above doesn’t do it justice). Why teachers and students alike are fighting is completely irrelevant. Pure visual pleasure, and comedy scenes that my five years old nephew will love.

4 Responses to “volcano high”

  1. Kei Says:

    this movie is wicked awesome! I’ll buy it oneday when I am not poor. lol

  2. herokeeper Says:

    i completely agree with your description.
    dunno why they are fighting, but its cool 😀

  3. hi Says:

    this movie is really great, perfect,!!!
    u should try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think Korean movies are nice and funny……
    you think so? …..
    i only watch Asian movies… especially Korean…
    I like them… because my uncle is the director of one of Korean movie.
    just try it!!
    you’ll love it…

  4. jenny Says:

    I think that woman is really pretty…
    i’m her fan!!!!! on this picture she looks little ugly? but she is really hot and awsome..
    she has awsome personality…
    this movie is the best one!
    you should try it….