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today in the bus, I was reading the excellent “American Science Fiction And The Cold War” by David Seed.

the book

I was beginning the chapter dedicated to Robert Heinlein(definitively more to say about him). Back home, a Google search has lead me to a quiz that pictures your profile as an Heinlein characters.
The result:

Starship Troopers
You belong in Starship Troopers. Your idea of a
good time is bouncing across an alien
battlefield blasting the foes of humanity into

Which Heinlein Book Should You Have Been A Character In?
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2 Responses to “Heinlein”

  1. Pierre_d Says:

    I had to try : “You belong in The Man Who Sold The Moon. You are a dreamer. People don’t understand you your calling, and often get in your way. Frontiers call to you, and you will breathe your last breath as you gaze back from a distant horizon.” Do you think it’s correct?

  2. wy Says:

    You belong in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. You value freedom above all else. You would fight and die for your family and your home.

    This is me…

    Yes, P, sometimes….