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Non electro-platonic post-humans

From a Bruce Sterling interview on reason.com :
” I think we are on the verge of post-humanity, but I don’t think it’s going to look like what any Extropian thinks it’s going to look like. At the end of my novel Holy Fire [Bantam, 1997], two post-humans meet. The woman is assessing her former husband and says he’s a god. But he’s not a god. He’s a tommyknocker or a garden gnome. He’s this thing which is no longer human and doesn’t have human concerns.

There are methods of speculating about how this will play out, and some will have some traction, and some will be ideological or otherwise mistaken. The Extropian problem is thinking you can upload yourself into a computer and have this rapture of the nerds. It was a powerful fantasy of escaping the unbearable pressures of being human. And there are many unbearable pressures of being human. But you find that when you escape one of these things you generally bring all your baggage with you. We will escape some of the limits, but we will not escape into some pure electro-Platonic world any more than the Internet will turn out to be this pure electro-Platonic philosophers’ realm.”

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