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7th Workshop On Space And The Arts”


The “7th Workshop On Space And The Arts”

18-21 May 2004, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


Full Documentation of the 7th Workshop on “Space: Science, Technology and the Arts” more info

All inquiries and abstracts should be sent at : workshop2004@arsatronautica.com


Leonardo/Olats, The OURS Foundation, together with the European Space Agency and the International Academy of Astronautics -Commission VI are pleased to announce:


that is scheduled to be held at ESTEC – ESA’s European Space Research & Technology Centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands from 18-21 May 2004.

Presentations are being solicited from space scientists, engineers, technologists,
artists, writers, journalists, art critics, curators and philosophers who have a
developed interest in the aims and theme of the workshop.

The Workshop on “Space: Science, Technology and the Arts” aims to:
* provide a platform where new ideas and experiments relating to the
interaction of space science, technology and the arts can be exposed and debated
* provide an environment where people, especially artists and other
“culture professionals” together with space scientists, engineers can exchange ideas and projects about space from the perspective of their unique backgrounds, education and experiences
* provide a meeting place where new space art and technology projects
can emerge and new teams and partnerships can be built
* nurture a domain of space activities that is becoming more
recognized in both the space community and in the mainstream art world
* disseminate the ideas and projects by publicizing the results of the event.

About 30-40 participants will be selected on the basis of a submitted abstract of a
proposed presentation. Presentations can be about any aspect or issue related to
“Space: Science, Technology and the Arts”.

Potential participants might like to consider submitting abstracts for presentations
addressing such topics as:
* the impact of space technologies on the arts and vice-a-versa
* the transfer of space technologies to art and design
* the role and involvement of space bodies in the arts
* designing art for the space environment – the requirements, the limitations
* synergies between the arts and space communities
* the interaction between space, arts and the public
* space and the new media arts
* using the arts to explore space
* the arts in orbit – use of the ISS for artistic and cultural expression.

Authors need not, of course, limit themselves to these topics.

The deadline for abstract submission is 29 February 2004.

There is no charge for participation in the workshop however each participant will
be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. A reasonably priced hotel with half-pension has been reserved in the nearby town of Noordwijk and booking information will be sent to all participants that are accepted.

This is an official European Space Agency sponsored conference and the announcement will be listed on the ESA conference website at : http://www.congrex.nl/04c20

Details on the previous workshops can be found on the Leonardo/Olats web site at

Hoping to see you there,

Programme Committee

David Raitt – ESA
Arthur Woods – OURS
Annick Bureaud – Leonardo / Olats
Roger Malina – IAA


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