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Common mix 01 (Common music)

I did a first 30minutes-mix of tracks under creative commons, here is the playlist. Maybe will make it available through constantvzw one of these days. In the meanwhile, all those tracks are freely downloadable.

Paranerd : extract from Little Shames (one.dot9.ca) //

Yosuke Hayashi : BrunovsMasaki (opsound) //

Lullatone : Resound (observatory) //

Symphonic Stereo : I hope (camomille) //

Vim : Thin strips of you (monotonik through archive.org) //

Text Adventure : If it could talk it wouldn’t say anything (observatory) //

Catalpa catalpa : Putty in your paws (opsound) //

Binärpilot : Tjaere igjen (microhertz through archive.org) //

Alosyus : Play more with claymore (alosyus on electrobel)

/// all tracks licensed under creative commons, some rights reserved,

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