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Common mix 02 (Common music)

Just finished a second mix made only of creative commons tracks (and uploaded it for the radioswap stations, contact them if you’re a radio and you want to join 😉

What is in the playlist. Again Catalpa catalpa and Binärpilot (i’m very fond of those). Normal Music sounds a bit like unclean minimal techno, kind of pan-sonic under a cracking layer of dust, and is released on Autoplate. Autoplate is the sister label of Thinner, who released the elegant synth-dripping techno of Theodor Zox.

My favourite in this batch is Tree Wave. Here is an extract from the prop-text : “Instruments include an Atari 2600, a Commodore 64, a 286 luggable PC, and an Epson dot matrix printer, all reprogrammed as sound generators. In live shows, the Atari 2600 works double-duty as an hypnotic image projector.”

We also have here two tracks we could maybe describe as “amateur electropop”, very charming and effective, one from Brussels, Churchill, and the other from Vienna, Heirstyle.

Ilkae : Tin crow (Monotonik through archive.org) //

Tree wave : May banners (Observatory) //

Churchill : Target (electrobel) //

Binärpilot : Otosclerosis (microhertz through archive.org) //

Catalpa Catalpa : Mummy (opsound) //

Normal music : Migratory patterns of youth (Autoplate) //

Theodor Zox : Oker motion (download from Thinner) //

Heirstyle : Meisterwerk (Comfort Stand release page) //

/// all tracks licensed under creative commons, some rights reserved.

More coming soon.

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