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Common music : links avalanche

Since I began this Common music series of posts, Benoit sent me a whole lot of links to websites with good (and often xprmntl) music. Didn’t listen to all of it yet so I can’t comment further. But trust me when I say you should trust Benoit ^_^

So, here are the links :
centibel http://www.sfu.ca/~pthomson/centibel/
experimental digital audio
CommTom http://www.commtom.com/ specializing
in unique electronic music for the adventurous ear.
EARLabs http://www.earlabs.org/ started
in 1999 as a public stage for composers.
FUKK GOD LETS CREATE http://www.fukkgod.org/
komplott http://www.komplott.com/site_index.asp
established in 1999 as a reaction to the limited scope available for experimental
and electronic music in Scandinavia at the time.
Observatory http://www.observatoryonline.org/
free and online sub-label for independent electronic record label Skylab
Operations. Dedicated to the electronic experimentation of sound and vision.
Observatory releases several free to download and distribute MP3 and OGG
releases a month.
sonus.ca http://sonus.ca/ houses electronic
audio from all exploratory and experimental aestheticsis. sonus.ca is a project
of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community
stasisfield http://www.stasisfield.com/
started in 2002 and is dedicated to releasing challenging works of art which
may not have the chance to find a home elsewhere.
TIBProd http://www.tibprod.com/
the main center shall be the music itself … [c.s.]
TILN http://tiln.aesova.org/ founded
2000. Tiln, exists as a non-profit entity under the wings of AESOVA.
Webbed Hand Records http://www.webbedhandrecords.com/
started 2003. Run by artists who wish to bring their own work to the public.
80Hz http://www.80hz.tk/ a series of microsound
compositions by artists around the world.







3 Responses to “Common music : links avalanche”

  1. nicolas Says:

    hi Pierre,

    I went to the first url(centibel) and didn’t find any mention about a licence… are these links creative commons too?
    Maybe I didn”t look correctly…


  2. pierre Says:


    have to admit i’m not sure about those as they were sent to me and didn’t find the time to check all of them, so you should trust what you see on each site respectively.

  3. acowo Says:

    hi Pierre,

    it would be nice if you trust me too;)


    greetings from japan,