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Common music : Liz on Fronha records

The net labels page on archive.org is a great place to look for good music licensed under creative commons or copyleft. Each visit fill my harddrive with interesting stuff (mostly electronic, as it is the chosen specialty of most of those net labels).

Last time I downloaded some stuff from Fronha records, a Brazilian label describing itself as :

“an output for experimental electronic music made since the 80’s by artists living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The intent is to freely distribute quality music that otherwise would be unavailable or extremely hard to find. The works range from highly experimental soundscapes to almost pop weirdness. In 2004, due to great acceptance and some nice collaborations, we decided to expand our catalogue by releasing stuff by artists from other places that would fit in our profile.”

frec021.jpgMy favourite pick at the moment would be one of the Liz albums, dreamy and melodic soundscapes with a lot of textured details, and a kind of lullaby quality. Their own words : “Surprising cut-ups and obsessive repetitions creating a highly detailed atmosphere that always tells a story. Wich story is up to the listener.”

And by the way, she’s a woman making electronic music (it’s always woth noting, some of our readers should be intrested by that fact ^_^). One of those tracks will definitely make it to the next common mix, playlist coming up soon.

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