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Homebrew games

Spent some time yesterday on Do-it-yourself games, a very good news website about independently produced games, most of them freely downloadable. It’s also a very good place to visit for those who regret the disparition of text or point-and-click adventures and that kind of stuff. Here is their mission stastement :

” * Provide our readers with honest in-depth reviews and previews of games from independent developers without hype or propaganda.
* Publish informative and educational features that cover a wide range of topics.
* Provide timely and insightful news stories that focus on the world of independent games while still covering topics that pertain to gaming in general.
* Commit ourselves to our readers, realizing that they are the reason we’re here.
* Never compromise journalistic integrity while in pursuit of a story.”

Speaking of which (indie games, not journalistic integrity), you could do worse than downloading the very nice remake of the classic Lucasart game Maniac Mansion, produced by a bunch of talented German Lucasmaniacs : it’s great nerd fun! “You guys did an amazing job. My hat is off to you. “, says Ron Gilbert, one of the authors of the original game, about this remake (about Ron Gilbert, his Grumpy Gamer blog, subtitled Ron Gilbert’s often incoherent and bitter ramblings about the Game Industry is a great read).

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