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Saturday, we tried Singstar. It’s a Playstation game, looking at first like a simple karaoke. Except here you have to hit (and hold) the right note if you want to win (you can also score with an approximation of the right note). So it looks also a bit like an horizontal shooter where you aim with your voice. It could be great, it has the potential to build a new link between your body and the game but there is not really anything more than what I just said. After two hours of really great fun, you come to realise that it would require a good deal of other wild ideas to be more than a gimmick. So now the technique is there, maybe it’s time to find a game designer?
Luc is very good at singing “Take on me”. The worst score of the evening was me and Jean-Michel singing “YMCA” (and it’s only because of me, Jean-Michel is a very good singer)

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  1. Jean-Michel Durand Says:

    YMCA is endlessly tricky. Something to do with doing the moves and singing at the same time (for a recap of the proper gesticulations, take a gander at these good British people: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southeast/tours/ourpatch/images/bridgend/funyymca340.jpg). Plus, Pierre wanted me to be the construction worker, which is distracting.