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Comics Chick check

Comicsworthreading is a great ressource for those who don’t feel like reading thousands of pages of bad american comics but are interested nonetheless in the rare hidden gems. It looks like Johanna over there reads everything, from small independent to superheroes.
To give you an idea of the kind of reviews you can find there, here is a short extract :
“I wish there was a way to ban Chuck Austen from writing female characters. (I wish there was a way to ban him from writing comics, but one step at a time.) In Action Comics #819, Superman is hurt and Lois is missing, so Lana takes the opportunity to hit on Clark and talk down Lois while wearing short cutoffs and a tight belly shirt. (The artist apparently doesn’t know what a laundry basket looks like, either, drawing something that looks like a serving platter full of clothes.) ”
As an extra, each and everyweek you can find over there a chick check of DC comics and Marvel comics, i.e. a rundown of female creators credited during the week (usual week : not a lot, some writers, no penciller, no inker, a lot more assistant editors…)

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