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My last movie at the bifff: Teknolust by Lynn Hershman with 4 times Tilda Swinton.
Fairy tale with 3 + 1 ladies: red, yellow and blue one, replicants of the biogenetics Rosetta Stone, who made her clones by a combination of her DNA and a mother board. She keeps her clones like oncomouses trapped in her laboratory, but dressed in colorful silk kimonos, being able to download from the internent and dvds whatever is necessary for their minds to become human. That’s the problem what is a human being: the movie tends to lead us to the conclusion: culture, heterosexual love and family defines what is human. So much imagination to arrive to that conclusion! That could have been more exciting threads to follow: could a human be virused by computer virus/bug (man contaminated by woman being the interface between flesh and code)? life should be patented? do clones exist really? do we learn love words from movies?

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