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PacMan in the street

Some months ago, I saw (I think it was in Edge magazine) pictures of people dressed as Pacman and ghosts running around in the street, playing the game (kind of). It looked more like a very funny cosplay than like an experiment in gaming. Now people in Singapore did this, Human Pacman:
“a novel game that mixes elements of physical game play, mobile computing, tangible interaction and multiplayer interaction. The game is based on the original Namco arcade game of Pacman where a small yellow creature moves around a maze eating pellets while avoiding ghosts. In this version of the game players interactively role-play the characters of pacmen and ghosts. Through the use of wearable computers, and wireless networks the players wander around a game area that is defined in virtual and augmented reality. Each player has a helper viewing the events on a laptop to aid in navigation and strategy. Objects are represented in both virtual and reality form to provide novel experiences of seamless transition between different world views.”
their website
another article about the project

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