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Common music : Anton Aeki

Gosh, Anton, friend and collaborator and part of Martiens go home had Yi Ban released on Earlabs’ netlabel and I didn’t even know about it. Just stumbled upon the page.

Here’s an online review : “GUANXI—First approach of voices and odd talking almost reminding you of an airport? Drones, that build , higher vibrations and head rattling waveforms. Again more vox, static-murmur and clutter, light hizz and krumplez. Bubbles and lazers with crunch in my minds eye tapped with reverse loops! Whos tapping on the wall? Minimal high end clicks and cutz, low end rumbles more knocking. Birds chirping with high end shrills ear piercing madness. Anton Aeki brings some great sounds and processing to this wonderful work of art! Highly recommended for field recording buffs!”

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