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Catalpa Catalpa

For some times, Opsound was this, described below, and it contained some great music:
“Opsound is a record label and sound pool
using an open source, copyleft model,
an experiment in practical gift economics,
a laboratory for new ways of releasing
music. Visit the Opsound Open Pool for
free copyleft music downloads. Musicians
and sound artists are invited to add
their work to the pool.”
Except it was not really a record label yet as they are now throwing a party at the CBGB’s lounge in order to launch the label. It’s a bit far from here where I write. But anyway, the point is to celebrate the release of their first record, the excellent full length CD of Catalpa Catalpa. Even if Opsound just made one step in the direction of material consumerism, it’s still possible to download the album from their website, and it’s licensed under creative commons. So go there and do it, it’s very good music, experimenting the crossover between nostalgic blue sky poppy tunes and big waves of noise.

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