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Common rock : Santa Inferno

Good rock under creative commons, not easy to find (or so you would think). Just downloaded the new Santa Inferno from Imaginary Albums and i’m shaking my head, and liking every minute of this truly bizarre LP. Here’s the promo text from Imaginary website :
“From the opening exhortation of “Let me hear those drums, motherfucker!” Santa Inferno’s sophomore release for Imaginary Albums unleashes an unrelenting torrent of teeth-achingly memorable melodies, ass-shakingly irresistable rhythms, and heart-palpitatingly wonderful weirdness. Where Wonderland of Smut was, for lack of a more evocative categorization, a pop album breathtaking in its variety, Desert Music is a rock album whose energy, exuberance, and raw beauty leave you gasping for more.
Geeks will want to sample the quirky theme song “A TV Guide Zealot’s Xmas Carol” or the deceptively effortless, Lennon-worthy “Marmalade” first. Freaks will prefer to go straight to the scalp-tingling “Flashback Track.” But (what’s the opposite of filler? emptyer?) every one of these nine tracks is glorious, indispensible emptyer. ”
Santa Inferno on Imaginary Albums

note: Imaginary has also a great FAQ called whaaaa?. It’s full of wisdom:
“Why does this site suck so much?

Because it isn’t about astounding you or seducing you with stunning graphics or breathtaking Flash animations or competent web design.
The point is functionality. The point is usability. The point is to share good music. The point is, none of us know how to code.”

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