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Common Cactus : 17 years old grandma


Fast becoming a huge fan of Khonnor, aka Grandma, aka I Cactus. He released many things under creative commons on various netlabels (8bit people, Monotonik, Please do something), all done with real do-it-yourself philosophy, mixing chip-tunes, drill-and-bass, lo-fi guitars and hummable melodies.
From the notes to ‘Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps’:
“then, we found out that all this music was only composed with the most lo-fi of components – only one speaker, using a microphone purloined from a Japanese language-learning CD-ROM, being forced to use a single take for all the guitar and vocal elements, and, most incredible of all, that Grandma, aka Khonnor, is only 15, and this is his first widely-released music”
In the meanwhile, I think he is now 17. Go and download those great free records :
Grandma – Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps EP
Grandma – For Your Broken Heart EP
Khonnor – Lost Pets
I, Cactus – I, Cactus

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