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John Romita, Alex Toth, Noel Sickles

Pour faire suite au premier post sur Noel Sickles:

romita“SPURGEON: Were there artists you learned tricks from to help you speed up?

ROMITA: It was even more direct. When I did love stories, I had a lot of Alex Toth love stories around me. When I did adventure stuff, I would have Caniff and Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino. These were guys I thought were much older than me, and I find out later that they were only a year or two older than me. [laughter] They were so advanced in my mind, I was using them as a model. So yeah, definitely. I would be influenced and assisted by everybody who went before me.

SPURGEON: People sometimes forget how influential Toth was in determining a certain look for comics.

ROMITA: Actually, Toth led an entire new movement. When I got into comics in the late ’40s, and then in the early ’50s I went over to DC to do love stories, Toth had changed the whole approach to DC Comics. Up until then, it was a Dan Barry, polished tight look. Toth sort of loosened everybody up, and got everybody wide awake. They all discovered Scorchy Smith.

SPURGEON: Noel Sickles.

ROMITA: They discovered Sickles because Toth maybe had 300 dailies of Noel Sickles in a stack of Photostats. People were copying from that stack of Photostats, and handing them out to each other. The whole industry was using those Alex Toth Scorchy Smith dailies from Noel Sickles. And that’s when I found out that Caniff and Sickles had developed that style together. And we all sprang from that. I think it lit a fire under the whole industry.”

extrait d’un entretien long et merveilleusement documenté (comme plus grand monde n’en fait par ici malheureusement)

(l’illustration vient de la Grand Comic Book Database)

(absolument rien à voir: demain, départ en vacances, on va là)

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