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Limit of Vision

Just finished reading Limit Of Vision, by Linda Nagata. Three sides. 1 : an artificial intelligence called Mother Tiger, getting to the point of singularity where it/she will jump one step in its/her evolution. 2 : artificial life, the LOVs, barely big enough to be seen (hence the title and their name) that can build complex structures among themselves or can become symbiotic LOVs, linking with the brains of humans. 3 : the human bodies, most of them children ready to embrace the changes. Networking between the three of them, leading to « cognitive circles » : a next step in intelligence fuelled by instinct and feelings, not only rationnal thinking. How the protagonists link to the rest of the world, through technology, how they link among themselves, through technology and their new transformed bodies, and how their identities fluctuate. Ultimately, the book is not enough, not really facing the implications of what it proposes despite some nice ideas along the way.

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