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Fantagraphics need your help

Fantagraphics, one of the best comics publishers around is going to disappear if they don’t find 80.000 $. So they want us to buy some books, now, rather than in two months time because it shall be too late. To find something worth buying shouldn’t be too difficult :

” Fantagraphics Books has just celebrated its 27th year publishing many of the finest cartoonists from all over the world as well as our flagship publication, the magazine people love to hate, The Comics Journal. We are proud of our long-term commitment to comics as an art form and our dogged determination to push excellence down everybody’s throats. This is all very well and good but it doesn’t mean much in the face of brute economics — and it’s the wall of brute economics that we’ve just hit, hard.”

Read the rest of their message to comics lovers throughout the world

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